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Acanthostigmella genuflexa Hhn., Annls mycol. 3: 327 (1905)

Acanthostigma genuflexum (Hhn.) Sacc. & Trotter, in Saccardo, Syll. fung. 22: 209 (1913)

Description: Ascomata perithecioid, subglobose, hyaline to pale brown, 90105 m diam.; wall 810 m wide, cells 610 254 m; setae hyaline to pale brown, simple, non-septate, 60 m long, 8 m wide; pseudoparaphyses straight, 1 m diam. Asci broadly clavate to somewhat obovoid, 3035 56 m, bitunicate, 8-spored. Ascospores fusiform to ellipsoid, 911 (14) 225 (35) m, usually 12 (3)-septate, smooth, hyaline to pale yellowish-brown


The genus Acanthostigmella, Paul Kirk

Tubeufiaceae, Tubeufiales, Pleosporomycetidae, Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota

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