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Microthyrium versicolor (Desm.) H鰄n., Sber. Akad. Wiss. Wien 119: 453 [61 repr.] (1910)

Sacidium versicolor Desm., Annls Sci. Nat. 19: 217 (1853)

Description: Hyphae superficial, pale yellow to pale brown, 1򉣸5 祄 wide. Ascoma thyriothecioid, amphigenous but mainly epiphyllous, orbicular, occasionally confluent, up to 300 祄 diam.; scutellum composed of radiating rows of brown to dark brown (near the ostiole) rectangular to elongate cells c. 2 祄 wide; those surrounding the ostiole forming an indistinct collar, quadrangular, dark brown, thick-walled, c. 2 2 祄, those at the margin extending into a slight fringe; ostiole 8 祄 diam. Asci numerous, ellipsoid to obclavate, 4056 1012 祄, 8-spored; pseudoparaphyses septate, branched, 1𢹝 祄 wide. Ascospores hyaline, 1-septate, clavate, slightly constricted at the septum, each cell biguttulate, 11135 3򉣺5 祄, with two apical appendages
Anamorph unknown.

The genus Microthyrium, Paul Kirk

Microthyriaceae, Microthyriales, Incertae sedis, Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota

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