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Peziza fimeti (Fuckel) Seaver, N. Amer. Cup Fungi 59: 267 (1877) [1876]

Humaria fimeti Fuckel, Jb. nassau. Ver. Naturk. 25-26: 338 (1871)
Peziza bovina W. Phillips, Man. Brit. Discomyc.: 101 (1887)
Humaria bovina (W. Phillips) Sacc., Syll. fung. 8: 146 (1889)
Aleuria bovina (W. Phillips) Boud., Hist. Class. Discom. Eur.: 44 (1907)

Description: Apothecia small, 12 cm across; spores 1821 1011 m.

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
L: in Muskett & Malone, p. 196
Key to Peziza - an updated key from Brian Spooner (published in the Forayer); comments appreciated and, especially, collections which do not fall withing the limits of characters given in the key, Brian Spooner

Pezizaceae, Pezizales, Pezizomycetidae, Pezizomycetes, Ascomycota

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