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Peziza udicola, on/with Populus tremula, wet, rotten stump, broadleaf woodland, 13/04/1998, England, Cambridgeshire (VC: 29), Huntingdon, Gamlingay Wood, coll.: T. Wells, id: B.M. Spooner, herb.: K(M)57100, FRDBI Record No.: 352461, Origin of Record: RBG Kew 'herbtrack' + herb. K (full record data).

Peziza udicola, soil, burnt, 01/05/2005, England, Ketton Quarry, SK982051, coll.: T.F. Hering (Lemmon 308), id: R. Lemmon, herb.: Collections Research Centre, Barrow-on-Soar, FRDBI Record No.: 1758771, Origin of Record: Leicestershire Fungi Study Group (from LRC via Richard Illife) (full record data).

Peziza udicola, Alt(m): 270, 17/10/2010, Scotland, South Aberdeen (VC: 92), Craigievar, NJ5610, coll.: anon, id: L. Holden, herb.: herb. E.M. Holden, ID Lit.: Spooner (provis), Notes: this keys to P. vesiculosa in NM1 and E&E but to udicola in Spooners prelim key, FRDBI Record No.: 1870523, Origin of Record: Grampian Fungus Group (Liz Holden) (full record data).

Pages: 1 of 3 records.

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